Why Choose Us?


Here at Bark Bus Depot our staff goes out of their way to make sure every pet receives the love and attention they deserve. We make sure to balance mental and physical stimulation. We take great care to train all of our staff in pet behaviors. This extensive knowledge allows our staff to rotate your dog in appropriate playgroups that will enhance their boarding experience.


What makes our boarding unique? We take great pride in creating a fun, safe environment for all of our guests. Each pet is assessed for temperament and compatibility so we can best cater to their individual needs. At Bark Bus Depot we provide each of our furry friends with a soft, custom fit Kuranda bed for their sleeping comfort.  Attached to every kennel is a 4x10 run in case of an unplanned potty.



~Ongoing playgroup rotations, "daycare" throughout the day for the dogs, Monday-Friday and for our pups who don't go into group, one on one time with a staff member playing ball, with toys or for those less active getting love and cuddles out in the big yard


~Tons of love and attention from our staff for all pets


~Clean fresh water throughout the day


~Custom fit Kuranda beds for each dog

~Soft blankets to sleep on at night


~Serving meals (you provide the food to avoid tummy problems)


~Administration of any medications


~A structured environment conducive to socialization, activity and safety.

1 Dog Daycare Member                                               $ 50 per day
1 Dog Non-Daycare Member                                      $ 56 per day

2 Dogs Sharing Kennel Daycare Member               $ 90 per day
2 Dogs Sharing Kennel  Non-Daycare Member     $ 104 per day   
2 Dogs Separate Kennels Daycare Member           $  95 per day
2 Dogs Separate Kennels Non-Daycare Member  $  112 per day 

XL Double wide kennel                          additional  $  2.50 
Kennel with long run                              additional  $  5.00

Daycare Members are those dogs who come a minimum of 4 days per month.



~Up to date on Rabies vaccination

~Up to date on Bordetella vaccination 

~Up to date on Distemper/Parvovirus vaccination 

~Negative stool exam within last 12 months

~Updated Bark Bus Depot release form signed (see 'Contact Us' page)